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TinyShelter™ - Waterproof Baby Beach Tent


“I finally got to use this tent with my kids. I have 2 small children at home, and we live in sunny Cali. so we need a good sunshade tent when we go to the beach or camping. The shade protects all 3 sides from sun and wind. It is much better than carrying a big tent that requires assembly and takes down. Especially when you have kids, you just want something easy and fast. I can fit this inside our stroller or wagon after it's folded. “

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Kacie Privette
Verified Buyer 

Keeping the little ones cool during summer heat can be a challenge especially since their sensitive skin requires much more attention and gentle care than adults. Although parents can always relax in the pool with their tots safely afloat, a proper shade under the sun is not guaranteed, the same goes for swimming in the sea. Finding a sunshade with cooling features can reduce the discomfort of both baby and parent. 

Introducing TinyShelter™ a pop-up sunshade that’s perfect for family summer fun. With the built-in mini pool, include the little ones in waterside relaxation while protecting their body from the heat that can easily cause skin irritation. Made of a breathable fabric that provides ventilation, reducing heat-related discomfort. Simply remove the accessory from the bag, open it, and voila, it’s ready to go! 




✅ DUAL OUTDOOR PROTECTION: This baby UV tent is designed to keep babies safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun, thanks to its polyester fabric with UPF 50+ protection. The coated silver waterproof material also offers protection from a sudden downpour or sea spray.

✅ INNOVATIVE POP-UP DESIGN: Setting up this baby sun tent only takes a few seconds! It features a brilliant pop-up design to save users time and effort when they set it up and fold it again. 



✅ AIRY AND COOL DAY-OUT: Its breathable polyester fabric material plus mesh design ensures air circulation inside the tent. Together with a 10-15 cm deep mini pool at the base, is the perfect space for little ones to enjoy a safe and refreshing splash during a hot summer day at the beach or in the backyard.

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABILITY: This baby beach tent also comes with its carry bag, parents will find it easier to bring it with them to the beach or anywhere! This baby sun tent includes a zip-up bag with black strap handles for more convenient handling.

Suitable for all types of vacations, the tent can be assembled on a campsite, poolside, or beachside. For a more homely relaxation, set up the sun shelter in the backyard and let them soak vitamin D in moderation. 


We understand that parents are often on edge when it comes to their infants since they’re much more vulnerable to diseases due to their weak immune systems and delicate skin. So a simple trip outside can heighten the risk of illnesses for the little ones, and triple-fold anxieties of parents. A recent study shows that children under the age of ten are at high risk for skin and eye damage from ultraviolet rays. 

Thankfully TinyShelter™ shields the little ones from the harsh rays of the sun that can easily penetrate the skin, making them susceptible to sunburn and other harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation. The pint-size sun shade is coated with UPF 50+ protective polyester, plus its wide coverage allows tots to freely enjoy the space without feeling crowded. Let the little ones grow happily and healthily with the delicate-skin friendly sun tent. 

Product Specifications


Dimensions: 46.1 in x 31.1 in x 27.6 in


Package Contents

(1) Baby Sun Shelter
(1) Travel Bag
(4) Ground Nails


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