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TalkTote™ - Talking Flash Cards for Kids


“I love it because my young girl can use it on her own and learn words with proper pronunciation. She is actually having so much fun when she plays and keeps her away from the tablets and helps them stay encouraged to learn, which is such a relief as a mother.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Shanin Winters
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In a world where technology rules and screen time dominates, children's language development end up taking a back seat. Over-dependence on digital devices tends to dilute the vibrant nature of interactive learning, affecting pronunciation, cognitive growth, and overall speech development in young minds. This situation creates worry, casting doubts about the pace at which children keep up with their peers, and potentially setting the stage for future speech and communication issues.

Introducing TalkTote™, an innovative educational device that turns vocabulary learning into an interactive and fun experience. By simply inserting one of the 224 included flashcards into TalkTote™, it audibly repeats the word, creating an environment where absorbing knowledge becomes as easy as playtime. Visualize a future where linguistic growth and joy coexist harmoniously, fostering an enhanced educational journey and enriched lexicon, while instilling confidence in every learner.


INTERACTIVE LEARNING: Through an interactive learning approach by audibly repeating words, TalkTote™ allows for an auditory connection with language. This promotes a more engaging and memorable lexicon-building process.

WIDE RANGE OF VOCABULARY: Housing 224 diverse flashcards that encompass various aspects of life - animals, food, people, and transportation, TalkTote™ turns vocabulary expansion into an exciting journey. Every new word discovered adds a thrill, broadening the understanding of the world, card by card.

SAFE AND DURABLE: Crafted with premium, non-toxic plastic, and flashcards made from heavy-duty coated paper and thermoplastic film, TalkTote™ assures safe exploration and play. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the young ones are engaging in a secure environment. 

PRONUNCIATION PERFECTION: Equipped with a repeat button, TalkTote™ audibly repeats each word as many times as needed. This feature fine-tunes pronunciation, enhancing speech clarity and fostering self-assured communication.

ALL-DAY LEARNING COMPANION: Offering up to 4.5 hours of battery life with a single charge, TalkTote™ facilitates seamless learning experiences. It serves as a portable companion, ensuring uninterrupted learning, enriching language skills and broadening horizons.

MINIMAL SCREEN TIME: Designed to mimic a screenTalkTote™ offers a learning experience without the harmful effects of excessive screen time. This fosters healthier studying habits, providing an enjoyable educational journey without digital distractions.

We understand how essential it is to give young minds the best possible start in life. It can be heart-wrenching to witness your little one struggle during family story time, trying earnestly to pronounce new words from their favorite picture books, their tiny faces scrunched in concentration. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 85% of the human brain develops by the age of 3, emphasizing the vital role early learning plays in cognitive development.

Thankfully, TalkTote™ makes early language and speech development an immersive and joy-filled journey. This educational tool, specifically designed to reduce screen time while maximizing engagement, enables a seamless, enjoyable vocabulary learning experience. Picture the sense of achievement as children express themselves clearly and confidently, transforming language learning into a delightful adventure, and moving beyond the boundaries of traditional education.

Product Specifications

Material: ABS, paper
Dimensions: 107*90*21mm
Color: Pink, Blue
Suitable Age: for 1+ Years Old
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Charging Time: 80 Minutes
Play Time: 4-5 hours

Package Contents

(1) TalkTote™ Device
(112) Double-sided flash cards (224 total words)

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