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SoleSoothe™ - Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager

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“Love the simplicity and just overall relaxation. The heating setting feels great on your feet. I use it to wake me up every morning while I am sitting at my desk. If my day is stressful kick it on and I feel so much better with the stress being massaged out of my feet and my body. The ache and pain in my calves. I don’t feel that kind of pain anymore. It feels like someone is massaging your feet. Highly recommended!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - April Kreiger
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In the rhythm of today’s work culture, working from home is no longer a rarity, but a new normal. However, the extended hours of sitting in front of the screen, attending virtual meetings, and keeping up with demanding work schedules often lead to strained feet and stiff calves due to limited movement, resulting in chronic discomfort and conditions such as plantar fasciitis. This physical stress disrupts productivity, leaving behind a pervasive feeling of fatigue and tension that lingers even after the workday ends. 

Introducing SoleSoothe™, a beacon of relief designed to rejuvenate tired and stressed feet amidst the strains of contemporary work life. Leveraging advanced Shiatsu technology and 3D rotating massage balls, this device effectively kneads and soothes pressure points on the feet, promoting better blood circulation and easing discomfort induced by a sedentary routine. Enjoy the revitalizing effect, turning everyday tasks into a harmonious blend of focus, productivity, and unparalleled comfort.


DELIGHTFUL MASSAGE EXPERIENCE: Equipped with 12 built-in 3D massage balls, SoleSoothe™ delivers a life-like kneading and rubbing experience. Elevate relaxation routines with meticulously replicated manual massage movements, adept at relieving muscle tension in the feet, calves, ankles, and legs.

INDULGENT WARMTH:  Incorporating a smart hot compress function, SoleSoothe™ delivers therapeutic warmth throughout the muscles. Experience a harmony of improved blood circulation and cellular activity, seamlessly relieving fatigue after strenuous work or prolonged standing.

TAILORED CONTROL: With intuitive button controls like power on/off, rotation direction adjustment, and intensity level modification, SoleSoothe™ ensures ease of operation. Revel in a personalized massage session, hand-tailored to match individual preferences and needs.

SMART POWER CONSERVATION: With a timer function for reduced power usage, SoleSoothe™ conveniently powers off after 15 minutes of use. Experience the seamless blend of energy efficiency and therapeutic relaxation, valuing the harmony between wellness and environmental mindfulness.

SUPREME COMFORT: Boasting a high-grade PU leather exterior coupled with an elastic sponge, SoleSoothe™ offers a luxurious feel. Savor the all-season comfort and pleasure, curated specifically for a skin-friendly indulgence.

SAFETY ENSURED: Over-heat prevention is built into SoleSoothe™, which automatically shuts down if it becomes too hot. Rest easy with this added layer of reassurance, ensuring peace of mind to complement the physical relaxation.

We understand how difficult it can be to stay engaged when feet and legs feel heavy and strained after hours of non-stop work. It can be frustrating when you're in the middle of an important project or meeting, but the numbness in your feet becomes a distracting concern, disrupting your concentration and workflow. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, around 2 million people in the U.S. are treated for plantar fasciitis every year, a common foot condition that severely hinders daily activities and work performance.

Thankfully, SoleSoothe™ brings a revolution in foot comfort, perfectly fitting into the bustling demands of the modern work lifestyle. Equipped with cutting-edge Shiatsu-inspired mechanics and carefully calibrated rotating elements, this innovative device delivers comprehensive foot massages, effortlessly transitioning aching feet into wellsprings of comfort and ease. Enjoy a reality where soothing relief becomes an integral part of the daily routines, enhancing the rhythm of productivity and infusing each step with renewed energy.

Product Specifications

Material: PU Leather
Plug Type: EU Plug/US Plug/UK Plug
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Power: 24W
Rotation Method: Clockwise & Anti-clockwise Rotation
Massage Time: 15 MIN
Massage Speed: 3 Levels
Massage Balls Quantity: 12Pcs, 6Pcs/Side

Package Contents

(1) Electric Foot Massager
(1) Power Adapter
(1) User Manual


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