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SmokeCraft™ - Cocktail Smoker Kit

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"I love this product. I'm very much into making old-fashioned cocktails for my friends and me so when I whipped this out at a get-together the entire group swarmed over to make a drink with it. It's definitely a really cool conversation piece. Everybody had something good to say about the way it looked. Really helps to enhance the flavor of any whiskey (even bottom shelf!) And is extremely entertaining at a cocktail party, barbeque, etc. Really cool product"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jadon Lindsay
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When savoring smoky flavors and craftsmanship in cocktails, the thought of replicating a professional-grade bar experience at home is widespread. However, the absence of readily-available, versatile tools to fulfill this aspiration fuels a lingering frustration, painting a narrative where the joy of smoky cocktails remains exclusive to bars. This disconnect between desire and reality disrupts impromptu home gatherings, infusing a sense of disappointment and unexpectedly stretching the budget.

Introducing the SmokeCraft™, a tool meticulously designed to master the art of crafting smoky cocktails at home. Powered by its unique Smoke Infusion technology, this sleek apparatus transforms ordinary drinks into smoky masterpieces, bridging the gap between desired cocktail experiences and home bars. Enjoy the freedom to ignite creativity in every pour, fostering social gatherings and unlocking unlimited enjoyment within a familiar environment.


MULTI-SENSORY DELIGHT: With the built-in smoker unit, SmokeCraft™ elevates the cocktail game. Indulge in a multi-sensory journey that enhances the aroma, flavor, taste, and visual appeal, turning casual sips into captivating experiences.

FLAVOR ADVENTURE: With four distinct flavors of wood chips - apple, cherry, oak, and pecan, SmokeCraft™ enables endless taste explorations. Elevate the beverage portfolio with unique smoky accents, creating signature drinks that showcase personality. 

ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT: SmokeCraft™ is a comprehensive set that includes butane torch (butane not included), a cleaning brush, filters, whiskey stones, and a cocktail recipe book. The convenience of having everything necessary to weave perfect smoky cocktails is within reach.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Crafted for all levels of expertise, SmokeCraft™ ensures a user-friendly cocktail crafting experience. Unleash the inner mixologist, impressing guests with professional-grade smoky cocktails, while refining mixology skills.

QUICK PREPARATION: With its fast smoke infusion process, SmokeCraft™ reduces time spent on beverage preparation. Relish the advantage of speedy preparation, transforming the often time-consuming cocktail-making into a fast and fun activity.

How To Use

  1. Place the wooden smoker over a glass with your chosen spirit/cocktail already inside.
  2. Add a scoop of wood chips onto the top of the mesh filter
  3. Light the chips using the blow torch provided
  4. Add the wooden lid on top of the chimney to trap the smoke inside
  5. Leave for 10 seconds, remove the lid, then enjoy!

We understand how frustrating it can be to try and craft the perfect cocktail at home. It can be disappointing when your long-awaited weekend night-in, all set with an intriguing cocktail recipe and your favorite tunes, ends with a drink that lacks the depth and character you crave. According to industry insights, nearly 80% of blue-collar cocktail lovers report dissatisfaction with their homemade cocktails, pointing to a lack of the distinctive smokiness they enjoy at bars as a major factor.

Thankfully, SmokeCraft™ steps in, finely crafted to cater to the burning desire for smoky cocktails at home. It enables the seamless introduction of smoke into favorite beverages, amplifying their complexity and depth, and capturing the essence of bar-quality sophistication. Enjoy the pleasure of impressing guests with unique drinks or indulging in a professional-grade cocktail experience, right from the comfort of home, transforming ordinary evenings into special occasions.

Package Contents

(1) Cocktail Smoker (Walnut/Beeach)
(1) Stainless Steel Mesh
(6) Whiskey Stone
(4) Wood Chips (Walnut, Cherry, Apple, Oak)
(1) Spoon
(1) Brush
(1) Instructions Manual
(1) Box 

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