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SleepSound™ - EMS Smart Anti-Snoring Device

"I’ve been snoring my way through the night for years. My wife is a light sleeper and I wake her up every single night. We tried everything: pillows, sleeping on my back, sprays, mouth guards—you name it! Nothing worked until I got this little device! Now I can sleep peacefully without waking my wife up at all and everyone in the house is able to get a good night’s sleep.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Marcus Collins
Verified Buyer 

Sleepless nights have become the norm for countless households, as the rhythm of persistent snoring disrupts peaceful slumberThis pervasive issue, commonly disregarded as a mere nuisance, often escalates into more serious health concerns such as sleep apnea, fatigue, and high blood pressure. As a consequence, an atmosphere of tension and frustration lingers, clearly showing the repercussions of continual poor sleep quality. 

Introducing SleepSound™, a silent hero offering a beacon of hope amidst the crossfire of persistent snoring. Equipped with a patented muscle stimulation technology, this powerful device effortlessly identifies snoring patterns and emits subtle vibrations, fostering restful, soundless slumber. Experience the rejuvenating power of uninterrupted sleep, contributing to a more energized, harmonious life, with nights of disruption transformed into tranquil dreams.




SMART ANTI-SNORING TECHNOLOGY: Built with innovative technology, SleepSound™ sends subtle impulses to hypoglossal nerves when snoring is detected. This advanced mechanism aids in facilitating a quiet, uninterrupted respiration, contributing significantly to a peaceful and restful sleep.

COMFORT AND HYPOALLERGENIC: Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, SleepSound™ ensures complete safety for all skin types. Its user-friendly design guarantees comfort, seamlessly adapting to all sleep positions for a disturbance-free night.

EASY TO USE: A single on/off button signifies the simplicity of SleepSound™, ensuring effortless operation. This facilitates an automatic start once switched on, paving the way for a user-friendly, uncomplicated experience.

COMPACT & PORTABLE: With a compact structure for ease of mobility, SleepSound™ proves to be a reliable travel companion Its availability assures a peaceful slumber, no matter where the journey leads, at home or afar.


✅ LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Powered by a long-lasting battery, SleepSound™ endure up to 30 days on a single charge. This eliminates the worry of frequent charging and supports seamless, continued use for peaceful sleep.


We understand the profound distress of disturbed nights, the relentless drone of snoring interrupting your restful sleep. After long hours of the day, you lay down to rest, only for the rhythmic but intrusive noise of snoring to permeate the stillness of the night. Alarmingly, in a 2022 relationship study, snoring was cited as a contributing factor in 30% of divorces, highlighting its potential to strain even the strongest of bonds.

Thankfully, the SleepSound™ champions the crusade against the disruptive impacts of snoring. This potent device is more than just an accessory for a peaceful night's sleep - it's a pathway to decreased health risks linked with chronic snoring, and hence, a healthier lifestyle.  Embrace the transformation of restless nights into shared moments of peaceful slumber, nurturing stronger bonds and improved well-being.


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(1) SleepSound™ Smart EMS Anti Snoring Device
(1) USB Charging Cable


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