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RecoveryElite™ - Smart Cupping Massager

Intensity Levels
“This is the most powerful recovery tool in my arsenal. It stays on while you work through flexion and extension, which makes this much better than traditional cupping. I'd recommend this to any athlete looking for an edge or the professional looking to take their practice to the next level.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Michael Jones
Verified Buyer 

It can get frustrating to keep trying drug-store bought pain removal cream only to wake up and fall asleep to the same sore limbs and aching muscles. Although booking a massage can also eliminate discomfort, it’s not always readily available especially if it’s needed during odd hours of the day. Having a personal massager on hand can significantly improve muscle vitality, and revitalize the body for better performance.

Introducing RecoveryElite™, stay on top of the game with a personal recovery tool that blends the old with the new. Suitable for physically intensive activities and musculoskeletal ailments, the massager utilizes cupping and reflexology techniques to increase blood flow and reduce swelling. Activating scraping mode helps in suctioning and encourages collagen production. Small yet powerful, this nifty massager surely brightens the day.


✅ HEALTH AND WELL-BEING UPGRADE: The device integrates traditional ancient cupping techniques into a compact massager. Experience thermal therapy, Ventosa massage, and acupuncture in one session.

✅ CUSTOMIZABLE MASSAGE MODES: Choose from the different settings and intensity levels to help alleviate fatigue and tensions. The LED screen displays the 20-minute timer countdown together with the one-press buttons.

SAFETY FIRST CONSTRUCTION: Equipped with an advanced temperature control chip, constant temperature is generated. Together with its smart detection technology, the AI system automatically shuts down after use.

✅ ERGONOMICALLY-MADE: Made for convenience and comfort, the on-the-go personal massager can be operated with a single hand. Perfect for athletes and busy individuals, at the press of a button ease into an ideal unwinding. 


We understand that experiencing fatigue after a long stressful day can affect everyone and anyone, including athletes that physically exert themselves to new heights daily. Over time, this day in and day out exhaustion takes a mental and physical toll on the body which does get frustrating by the minute. A recent study shows that up to 2.5 million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Thankfully RecoveryElite™ gently targets pain points in the body with the triple massage modes. The easy-to-grip handle contours the palms for a single-hand operation, simply choose the mode, and intensity and have a 20-minute downtime. With the relaxing sensation, falling into a nice and easy slumber is no problem, the device automatically shuts down after the timer’s end. This personal massager effortlessly lets go of today’s worries.

Product Specifications


Dimensions: 6.93 in x 5.31 in x 3.43 in


Package Contents


(1) Cupping Massager
(1) USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
(1) User Manual
(2) Filter Cotton


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