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PlayTent™ - Foldable Pet Tent


“I love this already! I got an extra small for my puppy, he is about 3 lb and 7.5 weeks. I don't anticipate him outgrowing it. I wanted it on the smaller side because I wanted to use it as an alternative to a crate. He can also fall asleep in it in the family room and with him still sleeping, I can lift it into the bedroom, so he's there when he wakes up. Not something you can do with a metal crate!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Dennis McPherson
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Being cooped up in a small and stifling space can be a maddening experience for both humans and animals. For hyperactive pets most especially, having little to no window to witness the outside plus zero wiggle room surely induces panic and fear. Although there are large cages and crates to fit a pup or a kitten, it’s inhumane to place them in these tight spaces, akin to a prison cell, for long periods.

Introducing PlayTent™, the 8-panel breathable playpen for pets that allows any fur friend to freely roam and enjoy their own space. Designed with a mesh fabric and zip to open top, puppies, and kittens can relax while observing the outside surroundings. This feature also improves air circulation inside the pen to eliminate heat build-up. When outdoors, protect the pet’s delicate skin and fur with UV-resistant fabric. Let dogs keep their tail excitedly wagging and cats happily purring. 




✅ POP-UP CONVENIENCE: Lightweight and portable, the playpen tent is assembled without additional tools. The hassle-free build works for home use, beach trips, camping, and beyond.

✅ BREATHABLE COMFORT: The zip screen top and mesh panels reduce the stifling sensation of being cooped up. Increasing the air circulation reduces the possible claustrophobic reactions from pets. 


DUAL PROTECTION: Featherlight protective layer of a UV-resistant fabric, the playpen is a perfect pet abode indoor or outdoor. The additional water-resistant coating helps clean the mess from solid to liquid with ease. 

✅ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with reinforced panels with bite and scratch-resistant materials, it effectively withstands hyperactive kittens and puppies. Finally, eliminate the worry of dealing with escapee pets. 



How to Use

Pop to open, fold to close, and enjoy!


We understand with pups exploring their surroundings and clinging to their newfound human families, it can get stressful around the house. From broken furniture, and mud tracks to nightly noise disturbances. Having a fenced yard or a spare bedroom for the dogs is, however, not possible for all households. A recent study shows that pent tents are made for people with limited spaces to provide them with a safe and comfortable temporary abode. 

Thankfully PlayTent™ provides a temporary abode that doubles as a playpen for the fur friends. Perfect for households with limited space, the pop-up play yard can instantly be assembled indoors or outdoors, simply pop to open and fold to close. Its carefully selected materials create a lightweight yet durable panel that prevents pets from chewing their way out of the barrier. Now, pets and owners can have their own alone time peacefully. 


Product Specifications



Small: 29.13 in x 29.13 in x 16.92 in 
Large: 35.83 in x 35.83 in x 22.83 in


Package Contents


(1) Pet Play Pen

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