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PawsCozy™ - Travel Carrier Bed for Small and Medium Pets

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My dog is good in car rides, but I noticed lately she’d been showing signs of anxiety when in the car so I thought a car seat might make her feel more comfortable. She seems to be more comfortable now thanks to this product! I love the handles on it so it’s easy to carry as well as the seat belt slip and the around-the-seat buckle. I left this on my kitchen floor after putting it together and she fell asleep in it that afternoon. Definitely recommend it!” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kayla Thor
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Embarking on journeys, whether in the heart of a lively city or the calm of country roads, becomes more delightful with a furry friend on board. However, sudden stops, swift turns, and erratic road conditions often induce motion sickness and anxiety in pets, sparking worries about safety and comfort, thereby dampening the joy of travel. This constant concern, along with the task of controlling movements and potential messes, creates an ever-present tension, spoiling the simple pleasure of driving.

Introducing PawsCozy™, the innovative solution for relaxed, worry-free pet travel, designed to tackle the complexities of modern road trips. Equipped with adjustable safety leashes and double-sided plush cotton cushions, this dog car seat bed ensures pets stay snug and secure during every twist and turn, providing unparalleled comfort throughout the journey. Enjoy the bliss of carefree road travel, enhanced by the lively company of furry friends, reigniting the thrill and spontaneity of each drive.


SAFETY ASSURED: Integrating adjustable leashes, seat belts, and a built-in safety buckle compatible with a dog collar, PawsCozy™ ensures pet safety. Enjoy the peace of secure travels, prioritizing the well-being of furry companions throughout each journey.

COMFORT & CONVENIENCE: With double-sided cotton cushions, PawsCozy™ provides a plush haven on one side and a water-resistant surface on the other. Revel in the assurance of continuous comfort for beloved pets, while ensuring effortless cleanup from accidental spills.

EASE OF SETUP: Boasting two easy-grip handles and storage pockets, PawsCozy™ simplifies the process of setting up the pet seat. Elevate the ease of pet travel, making loading and unloading a seamless task while keeping essentials at arm's reach.

VISIBILITY & CONNECTION: Pioneering a driver-facing design, PawsCozy™ keeps furry companions in direct line of sight. Enjoy a strong bond during travels, promoting a sense of security and companionship on all road trips.

MACHINE-WASHABLE: With the presence of a single wrap-around zipper design, PawsCozy™ enables easy removal of cotton pillows for washing. Experience the simplicity of maintaining pet hygiene, adhering to a cold wash gentle cycle, and hang dry routine for utmost cleanliness.

MULTI-PURPOSE UTILITY: PawsCozy™ serves a diverse range of uses - from car rides to hotel stays, and even for home comfort. Witness the smooth transition from adventurous road trips to cozy home settings, guaranteeing pet safety and comfort in diverse scenarios.

We understand how stressful car journeys with pets can become, especially during long drives or unexpected road conditions. It can be heart-stopping to see your pet slips off the seat during a sudden brake or scramble anxiously around the car amidst heavy traffic, turning each trip into a challenge. A recent survey by AAA and Kurgo Pet Products revealed that 65% of dog owners admit to being distracted while driving due to their pet’s actions, highlighting the critical need for robust, secure pet travel solutions.

Thankfully, PawsCozy™ emerges as the beacon of relief for a serene journey with furry friends, perfectly aligning with the demands of today's dynamic road trips. By incorporating plush double-sided cushions with steadfast safety measures, it creates a snug nest for pets on the move, transforming each car ride into a calm, controlled adventure. Enjoy the harmony of peaceful, undisturbed journeys, where every traversed mile becomes a shared celebration with secure, content, and joyous furry companions.


Product Specifications

Material: Cotton
Item Dimensions: 52x52x44cm
Strap Type: Adjustable

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(1) PawsCozy™ - Travel Carrier Bed


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