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LactoFlow™ - Hands-Free Breast Pump

How many pumps?

“I had a Spectra and felt like between feeding and pumping I couldn't get anything done. This helps so much since I have used it moving around doing house chores and even when driving. Definitely worth it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Joyce Cooper
Verified Buyer 


In the busy journey of new parenthood, filled with love and numerous responsibilities, providing nutrition for the newborn becomes the top priority. Still, managing the demanding feeding routine alongside other demanding tasks often transforms into a challenging balancing act. This constant pressure of always being on the clock overshadows the precious early days of parenting, resulting in feelings of exhaustion and worry

Introducing the LactoFlow™, a pioneering blend of convenience and efficiency crafted to embrace the demands of contemporary parenting. This cordless, hands-free device leverages advanced suction technology, offering an innovative approach to milk extraction beyond the limitations of conventional wired pumps. Imagine a seamless blend of nurturing a newborn and managing daily tasks, contributing to a rewarding and balanced motherhood journey.


CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT: With 5 adjustable suction levels and 2 modes - Milk Stimulation and Suction, LactoFlow™ offers a personalized breastfeeding experience. Customized comfort and efficient milk extraction are now just a button-push away.

GO-ANYWHERE DESIGN: The bra-fit wearable design of the device removes the hassle of wires and wall restrictions. This key feature offers the liberty to pump on-the-go, paving the way for multitasking and smoother daily routines.

EXTENDED USE: Offering an impressive usage time of 50-70 minutes per charge, equivalent to 3-4 pumping sessions, LactoFlow™ assures extended use. This reliable endurance simplifies time management and eases the breastfeeding process.

ENHANCED SAFETY: The built-in auto shut-off feature of the LactoFlow™ activates after 20 minutes of use. This safety function adds an extra layer of reassurance, letting focus rest on the precious bond between mother and baby.

LEAK NONELactoFlow™ stands out with its 24mm flange size, designed to snug tighter and closer, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. This enhances effective suction for efficient milk extraction, while also actively reducing milk leakage.

SERENE BREASTFEEDING: The motor of the LactoFlow™ operates under a controlled noise level of 50dB. This ensures a serene environment that enhances the tranquility of breastfeeding moments.

We understand how tiring and draining the journey of motherhood is, a path of immense responsibility that demands relentless dedication and boundless love. It can be tremendously stressful trying to juggle breastfeeding, tidying up your home, preparing meals, and even catching up on your work emails. According to recent studies, as many as 92% of working moms report feeling overwhelmed in their early parenting years, with breastfeeding management emerging as a significant stressor.

Thankfully, LactoFlow™ comes as a breath of fresh air, perfectly tailored to resonate with unique needs and aspirations during the initial stages of parenthood. This device brings a transformative shift in comfort and efficiency, supporting newborn care while allowing the handling of personal tasks - a novel solution to today's parenting challenges. Experience a reality where caring for the little one and daily chores merge into a smooth routine ensuring baby's well-being.

Product Specifications

​​● 5 Adjustable Suction Levels and 2 Modes - Milk Stimulation and Suction

● Flange Size: 24mm

● Bottle capacity: 6oz / 170ml

● Usage time: 50-70 minutes / 3-4 pumping sessions

● Shut time: 20 minutes auto shut off

● Charge time: about 2.5 hours, power adapter must be 5V-1A or 5V-2A

● Silent: the noise of the motor is controlled under 50dB


Package Contents

(1) Pump Motor
(1) Milk Collector (180ml)
(1) Silicone Shield (24 mm)
(1) Silicone Diaphragm
(2) Duckbill Valve
(1) Linker
(3) Seals
(2) Bra Adjustment Buckle
(1) USB Cable
(1) Instruction

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