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HammoX™ - Portable Camping Hammock and Awning


“For a small sum, you get a hammock (Triple Stitching support), bug net, rain fly (UV protection, waterproof), straps, and everything you need to get set up and going. So that's a big plus.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Brian Sylvia
✅ Verified Buyer 


Setting up a sturdy camp, either through a tent or a hammock, is a stressful experience, especially for first-time outdoor enthusiasts. All the wires and cords can be confusing, making it frustratingly difficult to understand which goes where. Improperly setting up a hammock as a temporary shelter lead to a safety hazard resulting in irreversible injuries. Discovering a heavy-duty hammock that doesn't require painstaking assembly makes the trip worthwhile.

Introducing HammoX™, effortlessly unwind with the ambient sounds and cool breeze of nature. Its straightforward design allows quick and easy assembly: just wrap the strap around a sturdy tree, clip the carabineers, and attach the rain fly and mosquito net as needed. The tear-resistant parachute fabric allows the hammock to support up to 400 pounds, making it a safe haven. Elevate outdoor activities with this essential gear designed for adventure.


✅ BUG AND INSECT BITE PROTECTION: Designed to make outdoor adventures enjoyable, the built-in net repels nagging, pesky gnats, and other blood-sucking mosquitoes. No need to attach any additional repellants. 

✅ WEATHER-RESISTANT AWNING: Rain or shine, the hammock provides shelter with its UV-resistant and water-resistant rainfly. Its wide coverage allows outdoorsmen to simply lay back and enjoy the sound of a downpour without worry. 

✅ HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made from 210T parachute nylon fabric that’s tear-resistant and can hold over 400 pounds. Its chained loop system with triple-stitched seams and reinforced carabiners, safely supports the weight. 

✅ EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: Simply wrap the strap around the tree and clip the carabineers into any loops to set up. Folds up nicely and easily fits in small spaces without taking up space, making organization in the trunk, storage, and bag hassle-free

Use it for family picnics, backyard chilling, annual camping, and other outdoor fun under the sun. With its portable design, it can be taken anywhere the heart desires. 

We understand that one of the main reasons for aversion to outdoor trips is the high likelihood of insect and bug bites. The itching and stinging sensations that comes with bites spoil the trip for just anyone. Add to this the fact that some of these bites can transmit diseases,   and a nature excursion can suddenly fall to the bottom of the list of things to do. Recent studies show that a single mosquito bite can lead to a vector-borne disease like malaria or dengue.

Thankfully HammoX™ is a performance-forward hammock that provides all-around protection for great outdoor adventures. This temporary shelter features triple protection from pesky bugs and insects, harsh morning rays, and even sudden downpours. Its lightweight construction is complemented by its premium materials. Finally, you can traverse jungles, climb mountains, cross streams, and find the perfect tree to set up your above-ground shelter.

Product Specifications


Hammock Dimensions: 102 in x 55 in 
Sky Screen Dimensions: : 90.5 in x 55 in

Package Contents


(1) Sky Screen
(1) Mosquito Hammock
(1) Portable Bag
(2) Large Steel Buckle
(2) Double Ring Tree Strap
(2) Aluminum Nails
(6) Wind Rope


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