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GrocerGrid™ - Rotating Dry Food Dispenser


"This item is fantastic! Previously, I stored all my larger quantity grains (like white short grain rice, brown rice, flour, etc.) in big glass jars atop my fridge.  Got a bit tricky and even led to breakage. So I got myself one of these dispensers. Now, I have a neat system: one unit for all my different rices, barley, oats, and another for flour, sugar, and other high volume ingredients.  It's a space saver and I no longer need a step stool. I simply reach, spin, press the button, and fill the cup. Wish I'd gotten it sooner!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alice James
✅ Verified Buyer

In a home where the joy of home-cooked meals blends with the desire for a well-organized, aesthetic kitchen, each culinary journey brings its own delights. However, managing a variety of dry foods, from grains to lentils, each stored in separate, mismatched containers, results in unwanted clutter disrupting the calm of the cooking space. This disorganization incites frustration and chaos, overshadowing the pleasure of cooking with an unsettling sense of stress and inefficiency.

Introducing GrocerGrid™, a breakthrough in home kitchen organization and meal preparation efficiency. This compact dispenser incorporates six compartments with a smart gravity feed system, designed to manage and dispense a range of dry foods in a measured flow, promoting an orderly cooking environment. Enjoy the serenity of clutter-free kitchen space, and the added satisfaction that comes with a smooth, productive meal prep, enriching every culinary experience.


ALL-AROUND CONVENIENCE: With its distinctive 360° rotation mechanism, GrocerGrid™ provides easy access to a variety of dry foods at a moment's notice. Experience a surge of culinary inspiration with effortless and intuitive ingredient selection, fueling the passion for cooking.

PRESERVED FRESHNESS: Designed with a moisture and insect-proof seal, GrocerGrid™ assures the freshness of stored food for extended periods. Savor the taste of meals where original flavors and textures are preserved, contributing to delightful dining experiences every time.

RELIABLE AND SAFE: Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade, and eco-friendly material resistant to high temperatures, GrocerGrid™ promises the utmost safety for stored foods. Revel in the assurance of a health-conscious choice, fostering a sense of well-being with every meal prepared.

ORGANIZED AND EFFICIENT: Highlighting its space-saving design with 6 vertically-aligned compartments, GrocerGrid™ fits adeptly into any kitchen layout without causing clutter. Witness the cooking space transform into a realm of order and efficiency, uplifting the overall ambiance and satisfaction in meal preparation.

PRECISE DISPENSING: Incorporating a built-in measuring cup and a convenient dispensing mechanism, GrocerGrid™ allows for accurate portion control with each use. Enjoy the benefit of precise measurements, ensuring consistency in recipes and fostering a sense of culinary mastery.

We understand the difficulty of juggling various food items while trying to maintain a neat, tidy kitchen during meal prep. It can be frustrating when the enticing aroma of spices fills your kitchen, and your pan sizzles, only to pause while locating the right ingredient amongst a mix of disorderly containers. As per household surveys, nearly 70% of home chefs report being slowed down by inefficient organization, with the disarray of dry food storage notably prolonging their cooking time.

Thankfully, GrocerGrid™ emerges as the perfect companion for achieving a streamlined cooking experience. It brings transformative change to the kitchen, using its unique gravity feed system to dispense the exact amount of dry food from each of its six compartments, offering a fresh solution to kitchen organization challenges. Enjoy a reality where an organized kitchen counter and simplified meal preparation blend into a balanced routine, culminating in a delightful meal creation every time.

Product Specifications

Material:Food grade BPA-Free PET+ABS material

6.5kg Size: About 27x26cm/10.6x10.2in

9kg Size: About 27x32cm/10.6x12.6in

Note: There may be a slight error in the range of 1-2cm in the manual measurement of the size. 

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(1) GrocerGrid™ - Rotating Dry Food Dispenser


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