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FlexiTouch™ - Reflexology Hand Massager

"Working in an office space is both a blessing and a curse. The pay is great, but the hand cramps aren't. I've tried countless solutions, like adjusting my keyboard height and improving my posture, but none seemed to work. That was exactly how I felt until I discovered the FlexiTouch™. It massages my hands, making them feel so good. Honestly, I recommend purchasing it if you have the means."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Karen G
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In today's fast-paced digital era, where both minor and major tasks are performed through the relentless tapping on devices, maintaining hand comfort is essential. However, this constant engagement often leads to nagging pain and stiffness - warning signs of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This discomfort not only disrupts productivity but also overshadows the joy of creativity and connectivity.

Introducing FlexiTouch™, a breakthrough designed for deep relief to hands engaged in the rhythm of the digital world. Combining deep tissue heat therapy and precision-engineered vibration, it applies targeted pressure on hands and fingers' acupuncture points, easing persistent aches from continuous typing. Enjoy a workspace where hands and devices harmonize, fostering productivity and creativity in a comfortable and efficient environment.


SIX INTELLIGENT MASSAGE MODES: With three distinctive levels of intensity: gentle, soothing, or strong, each for men and women, FlexiTouch™ brings choice and flexibility to the table. Engage in a holistic soothing experience, customized to individual comfort levels. 

ENHANCED HEAT MASSAGE: Fitted with an infrared heat setting that reaches 104 - 122 °F (40 - 50 °C), FlexiTouch™ incorporates a touch of warmth into its performance. Enjoy a wave of relief as the gentle heat promotes blood circulation, alleviates stiffness, and supports smoother typing.

ADJUSTABLE FIT: With two size adjustment modes, "big" and "small", FlexiTouch™ ensures a snug and effective massage irrespective of hand size. This extends the benefits to friends and family, making it a versatile wellness tool.

INTELLIGENT TOUCH PANEL: Designed with an invisible touch panel, FlexiTouch™ honors the diversity in hand shapes and stress levels of men and women. Experience personalized comfort and control as the flexible settings adapt to suit individual needs.

AUTO SHUTDOWN: Built with an automatic shutdown feature that activates after 15 minutes of use, FlexiTouch™ prioritizes safety. Enjoy a mindful massage session, assured that the device operates within time and energy-efficient boundaries.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing in at a mere 1.7 lbs, FlexiTouch™ encapsulates therapeutic process in a compact design. Revel in the freedom to carry relief wherever the day leads, adding a touch of serenity to any workspace.

How To Use

  1. Put your hand inside the FlexiTouch™. 
  2. Put your palm in the center of the FlexiTouch™. 
  3. Press the power button 
  4. Choose mode: Big/Small. 
  5. Choose intensity gentle, soothing, or strong mode. 
  6. Press the heating button and adjust the temperature.
  7. Relax and enjoy a pain-free working experience.

We understand how challenging it is in the digital age, where hand health gets overlooked in the constant cycle of typing and scrolling. It can be tiresome when you're in the late hours of the night, your fingers aching from the relentless demand of keystrokes, struggling to finish that last crucial report. Indeed, recent research reveals that nearly 72% of people in digitally-intensive roles develop symptoms akin to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thankfully, FlexiTouch™ provides much-needed relief for hands strained by the unceasing demands of digital life. This ingenious device, harnessing the power of heat therapy and calculated vibrations, alleviates discomfort linked with constant device use, creating an environment of relief and lasting wellness. Enjoy a reality where hands dance effortlessly across devices, fostering a rhythm of  enhanced productivity, inspired creativity, and unparalleled ease

Product Specifications

Item type: Intelligent Hand Massager 
Dimensions: 8.3in x 7in x 4.1in
Color: White
Internal Material: Antibacterial and odor-proof fabric
Rated Power: 8W
Rated Voltage: 5V=1000mA
Working time: 15 minutes each time
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Time of use: 6-8 times after fully charged
Weight: 775g


Package Includes

(1) FlexiTouch™ - Reflexology Hand Massager
(1) USB Cord
(1) Instructional Manual
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