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DermaWand™ - 4-in-1 Anti-Aging Skincare Device

“The end rotates so you can use it at any angle on your face which is nice. I love the fact that it turns on when it touches my skin and turns off when I lift it off.  I have fibromyalgia and find the warmth and vibration very comforting around my sinus and temple area. I use it almost every day and can use it while I am watching TV which is nice. My skin is definitely looking and feeling more vibrant!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Cynthia Shea
Verified Buyer 


Blemishes like dark spots and fine lines can bring down anyone’s self-esteem. So it is bothersome to consistently apply skin care products for months on and see almost no difference. Although these products do take time to effectively work, it doesn’t mean that the process can’t be expedited. Finding a derma-grade skincare tool can help make all the difference in appearance and confidence-wise. 

Introducing DermaWand™, an at-home facial massager that helps deeply penetrate the skin for better efficacy and efficiency. With its three-dimensional massager, easily relax and tone the facial muscle to perfectly achieve a youthful glow. Simply apply the cream and, or serum in the T-zone and gently place the wand on the skin. Come out of the bathroom with renewed vigor and confidence unlike any other.   


✅ ANTI-AGING TECHNOLOGY: Equipped with red light therapy and microcurrent therapy modes, the facial device emits safe low wavelength light to stimulate collagen production and improve blood circulation. Together with the EMS technology, the gentle pulse smoothens the skin

✅ ON-THE-GO FACIAL: Capable of a three-dimensional massage, the wand effectively relaxes tired and tight muscles, reduces the fatigue of facial muscles, and gives the face a high-quality massage. This aids in decreasing the puffiness of the face.

✅ ACTION ABSORPTION: Simultaneously increase cell regeneration and skin permeability by activating its heat therapy which allows skincare products to deeply penetrate the skin. Finally, boost oils, creams, and serums effectiveness. 

✅ WIDE COVERAGE: Use this facial massaging tool in a vertical “I” position or tilt the head horizontally. This helps improve efficiency and reach the forehead, eyes, cheeks, jawline, and neck.


How To Use

  1. Clean the face using the typical skincare routine
  2. Place the head of the wand against the skin and it automatically starts
  3. Remove to turn off, and charge using the micro-USB charger

We understand that the expenses racked up for frequent esthetician visits are both disheartening and jarring. Having to come up with obscenely large amounts to simply have a day out being pampered and cared for can be unnerving. The problem is that self-care, including facials, also comes with a hefty cost that almost makes self-care a once in a blue moon opportunity. A recent study shows that a single facial can cost up to $250.

Thankfully DermaWand™ is a 4-in-1 derma and esthetician-grade device that can be used in the comforts of the home. The performance-forward device packs several compact technologies to effectively rejuvenate the skin and provide a relaxing massage. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and other visible signs of aging. Now, everyone can gracefully age. 


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 7.99 in x 4.88 in x 1.57 in


Package Contents

(1) Skincare Wand
(1) Micro-USB Cable
(1) User Manual

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