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DentaGuard™ - Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

"Having to wear partial dentures you can imagine the challenges I face keeping them clean. I drink some coffee, eat meals regularly, and snack during the day. Wanting to have good dental health and a good look while wearing my partials, this device does an incredible job cleaning them. If you have partial or full dentures, I highly recommend that you get one. Great investment. Thanks!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- John R
Verified Buyer

Experiencing the joy of a restored smile and the renewed confidence dentures bring is genuinely life-enhancing. However, beneath these dental prosthetics, hidden bacteria and trapped food particles create a hazardous environment, leading to the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and even yeast infections. This invisible threat subtly but persistently steals the delight of a regained smile, introducing a hint of worry and discomfort

Introducing DentaGuard™, a beacon of relief ensuring an infection-free denture experience. Through its high-frequency ultrasonic technology, this advanced device swiftly destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses responsible for oral issues, thereby restoring optimal hygiene to dentures. Enjoy the uplifting experience of sparkling clean, stain & plaque-free dentures, nurturing a radiant smile and boosted confidence.


HIGH-FREQUENCY ULTRASONIC WAVES: Deploying a robust mechanism generating 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves, DentaGuard™ promises a deep and thorough cleaning experience. Dive into an era of advanced hygiene, untouched by conventional cleaning woes.

QUICK CLEANING SESSIONS: Designed for efficient performance, DentaGuard™ operates optimally with a 5-minute cleaning cycle, effectively tackling even stubborn stains. Elevate daily routines with this swift efficiency, embracing more leisure time and simplified oral care.

VERSATILE USAGE: Showcasing a broad spectrum of utility, DentaGuard™ extends its proficiency beyond dentures to items like jewelry, glasses, night guards, retainers, invisalign, and toothbrush heads. Step into a world where one device brings a multitude of cleaning solutions.

DENTURE SAFEGUARD: With a built-in dynamic feedback feature, DentaGuard™ intelligently analyses the denture content, ensuring an intensive yet safe cleaning. Revel in the assurance of a deep clean that leaves the shape and structure of your denture unscathed.

PORTABILITY: With its compact and lightweight design, DentaGuard™ stands as a testament to effortless mobility. Enjoy the freedom to travel, maintaining an impeccable hygiene regimen regardless of location, and confidently exploring every new journey.

EASE OF USE: With its straightforward one-button control mechanism, DentaGuard™ epitomizes simplicity and user convenience. Delight in the ease of operation, liberating from convoluted procedures and transforming denture care into a stress-free task.

How To Use

1. Fill with water: Fill the device with water and plug it into a wall socket.

2. Place appliance in: Drop your dental appliance into the device, turn on using the power button.

3. Secure the lid: Put the lid on and wait for 5 minutes for the device to work its magic.

4. Retrieve your renewed appliance: Retrieve your sparkling clean dentures from the device and rinse. Simple.

We understand how challenging it is to maintain optimal dental hygiene while sporting dentures. It can be frustrating, dedicating your valuable time to meticulous cleaning routines - brushing, soaking, and rinsing, yet constantly worrying if a single missed spot could host a colony of bacteria. According to American Dental Association, over 60% of denture wearers admit that denture maintenance adds an additional stressor to their daily lives, impacting their peace of mind.

Thankfully, DentaGuard™ emerges as a breath of fresh air, brilliantly tailored to alleviate denture-related concerns. Deploying its ultrasonic technology in quick 5-minute daily sessions, this device ensures thorough cleaning to extend the lifespan of dental prosthetics - a novel solution to oral hygiene challenges. Enjoy a reality where denture care seamlessly integrates into daily routines, fostering the enduring beauty of a confident smile.

Product Specifications

42,000 HZ high-frequency ultrasound

Body weight: 310g

Dimensions: 115x115x83mm

Tank Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Volume: 150ml

Power Supply: AC 100-220V, 50Hz

Package Contents

(1) DentaGuard™ -  Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

(1) Instructions Manual

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