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BolsterPro™ - Multipurpose Baby Carrier


“I bought this for my 10-month-old son (currently 25 pounds at 12 months) when we went to Washington D.C. and would highly recommend it for anyone traveling with a little one. He would get tired of the stroller and would want to be held, there were also times when I wanted him up close with me and not in the stroller. He was very happy and comfortable in this.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  AD Williams
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In as much as carrying an infant should almost feel featherlight, prolonged hip carry makes them heavier and more difficult to carry. Shifting the little one from one side of the hip to the other can alleviate fatigue but the accompanying back pain remains. Without a proper baby carrier, both parent and child can develop musculoskeletal disorders. So finding a durable and comfort-forward hip carrier can make all the difference.

Introducing Bolster Pro™, the 15-in-1 baby carrier that makes every position an ultra-comfortable experience. The versatile design is packed with a breathable lining to allow every parent to go about their day without stifling their little ones. For extra convenience, the cushioned waist seat comes with a compartment to store baby essentials, so every parent can seamlessly transition from household chores to casual errands.


✅ VERSATILE CARRY DESIGN: Make baby carrying as effortless as possible with 15 different options from a single carrier model, single hip seat model to a combined model. Finally, have a baby carrier that adapts to the tot's developmental age. 

✅ SCIENTIFICALLY MADE SUPPORT: Crafted to provide the best ergonomics for the little ones, its 45º cushion design prevents O-legs. With the M-shape carry support, the carrier fosters proper spine development, reducing the possibility of detrimental hip dysplasia. 

✅ BREATHABLE COMFORT: Its lined mesh fabric allows the little one's body heat to evenly dissipate, reducing further discomfort from being carried for long periods. As for the parents, the padded shoulder straps are made for even weight distribution.

✅ LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: A storage waist stool is conveniently built in the hip seat with a bottle insert and zipped compartment. Perfect for small essentials, the compartment can store a towelette, bib, pacy, phone, wallet, keys, and other parent and child valuables.

We understand that it’s heartbreaking for parents to witness their children in pain and it’s equally alarming to notice their underdevelopment at such an early age. The problem is that some developmental health concerns, whether physical or not, may not be as noticeable for new parents. For example, a baby carrier can seem comfortable for both parent and tot but is harmful in the long run. A recent study shows that abnormal pressure or movements on the baby’s spine from carriers can adversely affect their spine and motor skill development.

Thankfully Bolster Pro™ is an ergonomically designed hip carrier that fosters proper growth and development of the little bundle of joy. Made with adaptability in mind, the carrier provides an M-shape carry for 0-48 month-old babies. The integrated 45º seat cushion paired with the detachable windproof panel aids in a healthy spinal health development no matter the carrying position, be it front-facing or back-facing. Now, new parents can breathe easy knowing their little ones are in safe hands, 


Product Specifications


Waist Circumference: 30.32 in to 43.31 in
Length (carrier): 27.56 in
Height (hip seat): 5.11 in


Package Contents


(1) Multifunctional Baby Carrier


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