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BlastClear™ - High Pressure Air Plunger

"I had a clogged toilet and sink for days now & have tried everything to get it unclogged. I bought solutions from stores to pour down the pipes or drains, and used a drain snake for hours. Nothing has worked so I decided to look at something else. Came across this product and wanted to give it one last try. A few pumps later, my toilet and sink are both unclogged. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Christina Hull
✅ Verified Buyer

In the day-to-day efforts to maintain a neat and orderly home, the pesky problem of clogged drains and pipes continually appears. However, despite using traditional plungers and harsh chemicals, drains stubbornly stay blocked and the high cost of calling in plumbers only adds to the headache. This ongoing battle with clogs not only disrupts the daily routine but also fosters a deep sense of frustration and helplessness over time.

Introducing BlastClear™, the gateway to a smoothly functioning home free from persistent drain clogs. This potent device employs a simple push-button mechanism, releasing a powerful air blast that effortlessly clears blockages in toilets, sinks, showers, and sewer lines, instantly returning drains back to their optimal flow. Enjoy the peace of a home that operates efficiently, fostering a worry-free and calm living environment.


OPTIMUM PRESSURE CONTROL: Harnessing high-pressure air up to 0.7Mpa and a PSI monitor, BlastClear™ is primed to tackle even the most resilient of blockages. Relish the peace of mind, as this technology ensures both safe operation and prevention of plumbing system damage.

DIVERSE SUCTION CUPS: With four uniquely designed suction cups, varying from 5 cm to 20 cm, BlastClear™ is equipped to cater to all forms of drains and pipes. Witness the freedom of having a single solution for all home drain sizes, simplifying the process of plumbing maintenance.

INTUITIVE USAGE: With just one simple push of a button, BlastClear™ is exceptionally easy to use, making any specific plumbing knowledge unnecessary. Revel in the time and money saved by bypassing laborious DIY methods and costly professional services.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Marked by an eco-friendly, safe, and non-toxic operation, BlastClear™ stands apart from hazardous chemical drain cleaners. Cherish healthier homes and cleaner environments, a testament to responsible choice.

BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from robust ABS plastic and natural rubber, BlastClear™ is a promise of durability. Enjoy the consistency of a lasting tool, tirelessly ready to tackle any drain crisis, guaranteeing smooth home operations.

How to Use

1. Attach the appropriate drain head

2. Pump air to your desired pressure level (We recommend Levels 0-2 for Sinks, Levels 0-3 for Showers, Levels 0-4 for Toilets, and Levels 0-6 for Sewer Links)

3. Securely insert the BlastClear™ 

4. Press the button and blast away!

We understand how tiresome it is to constantly deal with stubborn drain clogs, which disrupt the ease and comfort of a well-maintained home. It can be disappointing when you're hosting a family dinner, and an overflowing sink or a backed-up toilet causes an unwelcome distraction, turning a joyous occasion into a stressful ordeal. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend on average between $175 and $450 for each professional drain unclogging service, a steep price for a commonly recurring issue.

Thankfully, BlastClear™ comes as a much-needed solution in home maintenance, setting a new standard for stress-free and cost-effective drain unclogging. This device, with its one-touch operation, emits a potent air blast that wipes out blockages within seconds across the home's drainage system, ensuring a disruption-free daily routine at a fraction of the usual cost. Enjoy the bliss of a consistently well-functioning home with smooth and efficient plumbing, enhancing the quality of everyday living.


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