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AeroBlast™ - Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

"This little vacuum makes it so easy to keep my car clean as it's easy to use and you can charge it in the car. The blower function also really comes in handy for blowing out the dust in the areas where the vacuum cannot reach. This device has been so versatile, I bought one for my home too!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dave Jones
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Living in the fast-paced rhythm of today's society, a clean, well-ordered environment often forms the foundation of inner peace and productivity. However, traditional cleaning tools, bound by cords and hefty size, restrict swift movement and reach, consistently slowing things down and leading to tedious and inefficient cleanups. This continuous struggle not only wastes precious time but also fosters a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction, disrupting the harmony of daily routine.

Introducing AeroBlast™, the pinnacle of fast, efficient cleaning tailored to the needs of modern lifestyles. Integrated with Cyclone Suction & Air Duster technology, this cordless device enables dual vacuum and blow functions, extracting dirt and dust while also dislodging stubborn debris in cars, homes, or workplaces, ensuring quick and thorough clean-ups. Enjoy the freedom of maintaining a clean, organized space effortlessly, enhancing the peace and productivity of everyday life.


DUAL-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Equipped with both suction and blow capabilities, AeroBlast™ demonstrates its versatility in tackling a variety of tasks. Experience a seamless transition from vacuuming up crumbs on the sofa to blowing dust out of a keyboard, making clean-ups stress-free.

POWERHOUSE PERFORMANCE: With a German brushless motor that boasts an impressive 95,000Pa suction power, AeroBlast™ elevates cleaning efficiency. Revel in the robust performance that guarantees comprehensive cleaning while offering a long and durable lifespan.

LONG-LASTING POWER: Packing a 4000mAh 5C lithium battery, AeroBlast™ ensures 3 to 4 hours of operational time on a single charge, providing 60 minutes of intense usage. Enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted, extended cleaning sessions, thus freeing up valuable time.

SMART CONTROL: With the integration of a Dual AI chip, AeroBlast™ achieves stable high-speed while maintaining a quiet operation. Witness the deliverability of powerful cleaning while ensuring noise reduction, creating a harmonious cleaning experience.

CORDLESS CONVENIENCE: With its cordless, lightweight, and compact design, AeroBlast™ sets a new standard for portability. Savor the flexibility of effortless travel, ensuring a high-powered cleaning experience, wherever the need arises.

HIGH-PRECISION CLEANING: Sporting a unique triple filtration system, AeroBlast™ captures even the smallest particles, ensuring a hygienic environment. Experience the assurance of deep cleanliness, enhancing the overall freshness and appeal of any space.

We understand how challenging it is to maintain a neat environment amidst the hustle of everyday life. It can be daunting when your toddler spills a bowl of cereal during the middle of an important Zoom call or your pet sheds fur all over the car seats just before a much-awaited road trip, turning a calm day into a stressful juggling act. A recent National Cleanliness Survey found that 83% of participants reported feeling their peace disrupted when unexpected messes invade their well-planned routine.

Thankfully, AeroBlast™ brings a revolution in effortless cleanliness, perfectly harmonizing with the lively pace of the modern world. Equipped with the combination of dual-function technology and a robust German brushless motor, this device carries out swift and comprehensive clean-ups, smoothly transitioning any space into a fresh, clean environment. Enjoy a reality where keeping spotless surroundings becomes a seamless part of the bustling routine, boosting the calmness and productivity of daily life.

Product Specifications

Color: Silver
Product material: ABS
Motor: German Brushless motor
Vacuum pressure: 95000PA
Rated speed: 35500rpm
Lithium battery capacity: 2*2000mAh
Charging mode: 5V USB boost charging line
Rated power: 120W
Noise: ≤ 52dB
Operating temperature: - 20 ℃~+50 ℃


Package Contents

(1) AeroBlast™ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
(6) Vacuum & Blower Accessories
(4) Extra Filters 
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Instructions Manual

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