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AbFlex Pro™ - Automatic Rebound Ab Roller Wheel


"I really like this ab roller. I used to have an ab roller with a thin wheel and much less stability. I read the reviews on this one and I am very pleased. This ab roller is wide and very easy to use. The resistance on this one is wonderful, I don’t feel like I am going to roll out too far and land on my face. It is sturdy, easy to use and well-designed."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Robert Becham
✅ Verified Buyer

Setting foot on the path towards a well-sculpted body, with the primary focus on robust, chiseled abs, can be a journey filled with thrill and transformation.  Yet, the monotony and physical strain of the relentless cycle of traditional ab exercises often morph this pursuit into a daunting challenge. The continual uphill struggle, coupled with slow visible progress, instills feelings of frustration and doubt, casting a shadow over the entire fitness journey.

Introducing AbFlex Pro™, the key to unlocking an exciting transformation towards an impressive, well-defined core. Uniting automatic rebound technology and double wheel design, this portable exercise tool targets the abs with optimized resistance and stability, redefining the scope of at-home abs workouts and setting a new standard in physical fitness. Enjoy the empowering journey towards a toned midsection, and bask in the confidence that a defined and strong physique brings. 


✅ PRECISION SCULPTING: Equipped with a robust spring mechanism, AbFlex Pro™ provides dynamic resistance for optimized workouts. Witness enhanced muscle definition and savor the satisfaction of progressing towards sculpted abs with each session.

✅ ENTERTAINMENT INTEGRATION: Featuring a well-incorporated mobile phone holder, AbFlex Pro™ effortlessly adapts to modern workout needs. Delight in favorite shows, music, or fitness guides while working towards fitness goals, making every session enjoyable.

✅ UNRIVALED STABILITY: AbFlex Pro™ is engineered with a triangular support and extra-wide double wheels for exceptional stability during strenuous workouts. Enjoy a fitness regimen that is enhanced by the balanced and controlled movement, minimizing the risk of injuries and leading to more productive workouts.

✅ FLOOR-FRIENDLY: Equipped with anti-slip and wear-resistant wheels, AbFlex Pro™ guarantees smooth workouts without causing any damage to the floor. Experience worry-free workouts at home, ensuring a seamless fitness session without concern for potential floor damage.

✅ SMART TIMING: AbFlex Pro™ includes a large, smart screen timer for effortless tracking of workout sessionsRelish real-time, accurate feedback on workout exercise duration, aiding in defining realistic fitness goals and monitoring progress effectively. 

✅ SAFETY ASSURED: Boasting an automatic rebound function and an intelligent brake system, AbFlex Pro™ ensures safe and efficient workouts. Savor the peace of mind, reducing the risk of mishaps and enabling an unwavering focus on the core exercise regimen.

We understand how frustrating the journey to chiseled abs can be, given the demanding routines and slow progress. It can be incredibly disheartening when you spend hours on the mat, tirelessly doing crunches and sit-ups, only to look in the mirror and feel like the reflection doesn't quite match the effort you've put in. In fact, recent studies have found that 80% of gym-goers who routinely exercise admit to feeling stuck or dissatisfied with their progress, especially when it comes to building robust abs.

Thankfully, the AbFlex Pro™ emerges as the perfect ally in the quest for sculpted abs, promising an innovative solution to the long-standing struggle. This tool introduces an engaging blend of automatic rebound technology and double wheel design, bringing a fresh perspective to the traditional approach of ab workouts. Enjoy the thrill of each workout session, moving steadily towards a chiseled core, fostering a sense of achievement and joy in the transformative journey of fitness.

Product Specifications

Weight: 2.0 (kg)
Applicable scene: Home gym equipment
Color: Blue, Pink, Orange

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1* AbFlex Pro™ - Automatic Rebound Ab Roller Wheel


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